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Company Overview
YAAJMAN, your Host on the internet:

We got started in 1993 and since have grown over 100% every year having a very strong customer base in over 25 countries across the globe. YAAJMAN a unit of Ornate Computers Pvt Ltd., provides premium managed hosting solutions that combine best in business, a 100% uptime guarantee, and amazing customer service we call Live Human & Machine Support.

Our Advantages:

Our customer base encompasses all sectors and sizes, from home segment users, Net Geeks, small businesses to industry leaders. Naturally, a client base this diverse has many different requirements. We cater to these needs by offering flexible, scalable solutions, from basic hosting account to complex dedicated server clusters - on a variety of platforms. At YAAJMAN, we treat every customer with equal importance and provide them with ultimate after-sales experience; that is why we have a long list of satisfied customers. And the 85% referral rate confirms our commitment towards customer service.

Our Features:

The company has been in news at Microsoft for providing the cheapest Windows 2008 and IIS 7.0 hosting. The recent upgrade to Windows 2008 has enabled us to deliver better services to a larger customer base than before. The simplicity of Windows 2008 offers customers simplified deployment and configuration of websites with optimized security and increased performance. Eventually, Yaajman has been appreciated by Microsoft and awarded the company for Windows 2008 Web Hosting.

Our core products & services include:
Windows & Linux Hosting Business Mail & App
Domain Registration Anti Spam Solutions
Web & Mail Forwarding Backup (Store & Forward) Mail Exchange
Managed DNS Email to SMS Service
Load Balancing & Mirroring SSL Certificates
Dedicated Servers Payment Gateways
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Managed Firewall & Security
Cloud Hosting & Cloud Servers Monitoring Services (Website, IP & DNS)
Server Colocation Hosting Business Automation

All our products & services represent an R&D effort s of over a decade of experience.

Our Strategy & Philosophy:

We are one of the few Web hosting companies who deploys correct technology for customer at right price. Many of our existing clients and general customers & also few of our competitors have asked us the reason behind our economical and low cost services. Essentially, we save costs on server rentals, as we own all our servers. By using a large number of servers, we are able to maintain high uptime and are able to provide unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth to our clients, thus resulting in lowered costs to us & for our customers. Our pricing are always lower compare to competition as we always buy in bulk & directly from the principle. We believe in complete automation & paper-less environment. 


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