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Our multiple Datacenters are equipped with biometric locks, surveillance cameras, authorization-based access policies, limited datacenter access, security personnel, and similar standard security equipment, processes and operations on a round-the-clock basis. A measure of proactiveness toward security demonstrated by our staff differentiates us from competition. This is measured by evaluating past practices, customer case studies, and the amount of time the datacenter dedicates towards security research and study.

Our robust Network security includes Intrusion Detection systems, DDOS mitigators, and Firewalls both at the edge and the Rack level. Our Distributed Denial-of-Service protection (DDOS) system provides unsurpassed protection against DoS and DDoS attacks on your websites, email & mission critical web applications. It employs refined state-of-art technology that automatically triggers itself as soon as an attack is launched. This system blocks almost all fraudulent traffic ensuring legitimate traffic is allowed up to the largest extent possible.

The 24*7 and highly adaptive and advanced inspection technology of Firewalls safeguards your data, emails, websites and web applications by blocking unauthorized network access. Our sophisticated high-performance network processors of Network Intrusion Detection System perform thousands of checks on each packet flow simultaneously with no perceivable increase in latency. As a result, traffic anomalies, spyware/adware, "unknown" worms, network viruses, trojans, rogue applications and other zero-day exploits are always kept at bay.

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